Durham-Orange Friends of Transit (DO Transit) is an alliance of local organizations, civic leaders and citizens who support regional transit for the Triangle. DO Transit is building public support and political will in Orange and Durham Counties for a forward-looking transit plan that is convenient, accessible and affordable. DO Transit meets periodically and the public is encouraged to attend local meetings. For more information, contact: info@durhamorangefriendsoftransit.org.


All About the Details?

Download and read additional details about the transit plan here.


"A Vision for Durham's Future"

Download and share our presentation on the "Vision for Durham's Future" here.


“Investing in a New and Improved Bus Service”

Download and share your quick guide to transit in Durham here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Download and share Questions and Answers about the Durham Bus & Rail Investment Plan here.

Not Sure if You’re Registered to Vote?

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Where Do I Vote on November 8th, 2011?

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